“Worry weighs a person down; an encouraging word cheers a person up.”

– Proverbs 12:25


Over and over I would hear in my silence the word write. There was no audible voice pur se; it was just a continual wave of urges that wouldn’t allow me to separate myself from the constant thought or internal nudging to write.“What do you want me to write”, I said impatiently. “I can’t write a novel or book… I have no idea where to even begin, “Just write”, He said.


So write I did.


Just like “Run Forrest Run” I began to “Write Shawn Write And write I did. In the past year I have written roughly 101,111 words and 120 pieces on mybabyr0c.


I’ve touched upon everything from the great Jackie Robinson to the top ten Michael Jackson songs (the top 5 when he was black and the top 5 when he was white) of all-time. I have researched, and written, about superheroes, and the virtues they embody, and the reasons for men and children becoming angry. I have shared with my readers that my son Ryan met Picasso at McDonald’s and that another one of my boys, Bryce, never wet to bed when he was young because as he stated: “the pee stayed in his underwear. “


I even wrote about LeBron James. 


All of the pieces were written with complete sincerity and transparency with the goal in mind of developing an authentic voice.I have shared my thoughts, opinions and beliefs valuing the importance of not coming off as an obnoxious know it all do gooder.


I hope I was able to accomplish that. 


The writings were the beginning of a journey in which God enabled me to create mybabyr0c; a journey, and a journal, that has created significant growth in my life, and out of that growth I’ve been encouraged beyond belief.


I hope others have been encouraged too.


During this past year of written communication I have realized that I love Lenny Kravitz and his talent more than I thought I did, and while growing in that realization I wondered aloud more than a few times why I can’t be as cool or good-looking as he. I grasp the fact that I don’t need to drink orange soda everyday and that I don’t have to hate anyone under any circumstance just because they hate me or because they have hurt me. I still believe that Sting is insanely talented and that he will always be my favorite artist until I die; also I’ve come to find out that pure silence and quietness that can surround ones thoughts, dreams and hopes is the best sound that I have ever heard. 


Silence isn’t only golden; it’s purposeful and meaningful.


Resee's Feet

Those tiny feet tiptoe into your heart and they stay there forever. 





How did you come up with the name?

The blog is named after my daughter Reese Olivia Christine…she is the r0c in


Who designed the logo?

The logo was designed by Adam Kiger- Spartan Yard -and myself. The baby foot in the middle of the “O” is Reese’s footprint- shrunk down- from her birth certificate. I have a tattoo of the logo on my left shoulder.


Why did you choose the colors green, brown, & pink in your logo?

They are the same colors in Reese’s favorite blanket.


Why do you have so many kids? (This usually is the first question that is asked)

There “wasn’t” any drug testing involved.


Why do you spend so much time with your kids?

There “isn’t” any drug testing involved.


How does your wife manage all of the chaos?

She is undeniably one of the most unselfish people I have ever met. The only thing important to her – other than her Faith in God – is her family. She manages everything and the fact that there isn’t any drug testing is a huge advantage :)


Do you have a favorite child?

Absolutely not, but I do have a website named after one little Reese Olivia Christine. She is the ultimate Daddy’s little girl.


When will Daddy’s little girl be able to date? 

Never…trust me on this one. Never means never. 


What is your favorite quote? 

My favorite quote is one that was shared with me by one of my best friends Steve Iannarino. When my daughter starts dating I will tell each “boy”, and I quote, “What ever you do to her I’m going to do to you… enjoy yourselves tonight kids.”  




Reese Olivia Christine Bailey

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